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Sunset Plaza

SUnset plaza

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As the Town of Mountain Village moves toward a more contemporary approach to development, one that thoughtfully integrates within the constructs of the ‘European Village’ vernacular, Lift Studio has been asked to re-envision Sunset Plaza through its paving and lighting elements.  Our simple, striking design solution infuses an alpine modern aesthetic into the traditional mountain feel of the Village while enhancing experience of the breathtaking views beyond.

A graphic chevron pattern, referencing adjacent herringbone paving and architectural forms, is expressed in two tones/textures of gray paving.  While subtle, the scale of the pattern makes it legible from both ground level and from the height of the gondola.  Movement inherent in the chevron welcomes people to explore an enlivened space, while warm overhead lighting, engraved text, and an art fire feature nearby give them ample excuse to linger.

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