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Lift Studio creates evocative landscapes. Our process fosters thoughtful dialogue and collaboration with our clients and colleagues to develop a shared vision for a project. We begin by studying the site’s unique conditions—seasonality, microclimates, light, sound, and moisture—to understand the essence of the land and its architecture. From this, we develop a narrative that describes how the phenomena of the place should fold into its intended uses. Employing broad gestures and simple geometries, we bring into focus the relationships—in tones, textures and details—among carefully selected materials. Our landscapes feel ‘at home’ in the site, at once captivating and comfortable.



Ryan has over fifteen years’ experience designing public and private landscapes in the Rocky Mountain West and Midwest and is a registered landscape architect in Michigan and Colorado. His design perspective is influenced by his early years exploring woods, dunes and ravines around his childhood home; he continues to study the land carefully for patterns and relics, which inform the creation of intriguing spaces. Ryan founded Lift Studio to focus on thoughtful collaboration, rigorous design process and mastering of craft, while nurturing others. His work has been acknowledged with numerous awards from the Colorado and Michigan Chapters of the ASLA.

Ryan is an avid music collector whose extensive digital and vinyl library sets a creative, relaxed studio environment. In his time away from the studio, Ryan finds inspiration in the high mountain terrain, where he enjoys skiing, fly-fishing, biking and hiking with his wife and daughter. He believes in giving back to the community and environment by serving on the Board of Directors for Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers, as well as providing pro bono services for local non-profits. With diligence and care, he strives to push the boundaries of his profession and strengthen his community.


Ryan Vugteveen

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Prior to earning her master’s degree in landscape architecture, Jane studied medical engineering and worked in a variety of related fields. Her interest in the evolving interface between natural systems and manufactured conditions ultimately led her to the field of landscape architecture.

Jane brings an inquisitive nature and academic approach to Lift Studio. She is analytical, technical and research-driven—always striving for cohesive design solutions. Jane thinks of landscape as the ideal medium for the personal expression of its occupants, for its grace, malleability, and constant evolution.


Jane Lanter