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Redstone Coke Ovens

redstone coke ovens

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This National Historic Register site is designed to delicately balance restoration with the understated beauty of ruin.  The idea is illustrated by deconstructing the landscape as one moves from the four fully restored ovens to the remaining ovens, which are stabilized in various forms of ruin.

A grassroots effort was led by dedicated locals in coordination with state and local governments to acquire and preserve the historical bee-hive structures and site.  Following that critical effort, a transparent outreach and design process was led by Ryan to develop a thoughtful and community embraced site plan to experience, interpret and restore the site and structures. The ovens are considered the ‘Soul of Redstone’.

Project in collaboration with the Client (Pitkin County Land Public Works Land Management, Redstone Historical Society (special thanks to Ron and Michelle Sorter), JVA Engineering and Esse Design.  The Redstone Coke Ovens received a Colorado Chapter of the ASLA Honor Award in 2009.  Project led by Ryan during previous work experience. Phase II, which includes the remaining site restoration and interpretive signage installation will be completed upon final funding.  Photography by Lift Studio (excluding historic photos).

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