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Elk Park is situated between the Crystal River and Highway 133, with Coal Creek at one end and the primary entry to the historic town of Redstone at the other. Its position across the highway from the recently-restored coke ovens inspired a movement to reimagine the site and its relationship to Redstone. A passionate local steering committee served as sounding board for the conceptual designs, and their support was critical for advancing the project into construction.

The Park enhances connection with the town through the positioning of overlooks and incorporation of signage narrating the town’s cultural, economic and ecological history. Soft, flexible spaces created for play, community gathering and passive enjoyment also accommodate seasonal flooding of the river. Circulation not only defines park zones but also echoes the historic rail line connection to the mining town’s original train depot. A newly designed open-air structure at a circulation terminus recalls the former depot; it is lined with large historic images and graphic text that combines the telling of regional history with its present-day character. Honoring members of the close-knit Redstone community in its open space is a tradition that is embodied in a living commemorative grove of trees at the heart of the Park. This grove offers respite to visitors while centrally uniting the more active ends of the long, narrow slice of land.

This project represents previous work experience led by Ryan and Jane.

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