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Aspen T.R.E.E. / Farm Collaborative Master Plan


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The Aspen T.R.E.E. Farm Collaborative Park supports expansion of the organization’s vision for promoting emerging farming technologies, entrepreneurship and food security throughout the Roaring Fork Valley. This land is envisioned as a public park, one that welcomes the community into the heart of its agricultural operations, to experience the beauty of the ordered and productive landscape, the power of its farming infrastructure, and the innovation of its symbiotic practices.

Two prominent site features—Highway 82 and Brush Creek—provide parameters for development. The Park’s entry experience is reorganized to give the site a legible presence along the highway and to direct visitors to a primary hub, from which a local food market, educational programs, and administrative services operate. Brush Creek, which bisects the site, influences the arrangement of agricultural features so that surface runoff is intercepted and remediated before being introduced to the creek system.

Buildings and site features are layered for maximum flexibility and utility in all seasons. A wide, looped road accommodates the movement of farming equipment and pedestrians alike; aisles are dimensioned to welcome the inquisitive. Secondary gravel paths fade into their surroundings and allow for future reconfiguration. Tracks for rolling greenhouses intersect with a central circulation space, while a septic field is envisioned as dryland wildflower garden for bees and other pollinators. Spaces for gathering, play, and learning are dispersed across the site, inviting exploration with the promise of new discovery.