Lift Studio

Park Avenue


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A low wall announces the residence in parallel with a segmented curb that lends definition to the front edge of the property. Elevated architecture is balanced by a flowing, dune-like landform of grasses and shrubs that transition steep slopes artfully to the existing road. Between these elements, serviceberry trees are organized to frame views to Ajax, to buffer the Avenue, and to enfold the architecture. In addition, their dense branches, flowers and fruits provide safe haven for small birds and pollinators.

Raised living terraces opposite the entry contest the spatial constraints of the site with formal seating, board-formed concrete walls and a blackened wood perimeter screen. These narrow spaces are thoughtfully crafted to maximize entertaining opportunities and functionality. Plant species from the naturalized front yard are repeated along the screen and architecturally woven through angled voids in the pavement, marrying the formal terraces of the rear yard to the sculptural landform of the entry court.

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