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Modern Farmstead

MOdern farmstead



Broad landscape patterns influence the development of a modern pastoral residence, calling for the preservation of the floodplain mosaic along the Roaring Fork River, the enhancement of the broad agrarian plane of the farm subdivision and the introduction of new dwelling gardens for relaxed living, safe playing and nurturing of family-grown fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Gradients of these three distinct landscape types—floodplain, agrarian, and garden—are distilled into a simplified material language and layered over the 5-acre site to envelop the low, horizontal architecture. Seasonal displays of plant texture and color interplay with board-formed concrete walls in the landscape. A tilted plane of earth provides an orchard with optimal aspect for fruit production and privacy. The poetic sway of grasses in the wind kiss the architecture, rhythmically joining structure and site during the warm months, while structural perennials and shrubs articulate the snow-covered landscape during winter.

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