Lift Studio

Nest Residence


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Situated above the Roaring Fork River on a forested half-acre site, this modern home is nestled into a restored woodland understory. Fragments of the native landscape are repeated in courtyard gardens, which ease the transition between the clean edges of the architecture and the wild riparian corridor below it. A low canopy of ornamental trees punctuates the otherwise informal landscape and balances the bold, cantilevered roof to its north.

Site walls extend the house’s structure to define living spaces; this enclosure softly reverberates the tranquil sound of the river. Stairs leading to the river’s edge are reconfigured to lend a similarly rhythmic experience to the descent through a majestic cottonwood grove. Select species of finely-textured sedges and grasses are employed along the riparian platform, erasing over time evidence of decommissioned structures, ultimately allowing the ecosystem to reclaim part of this landscape.

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